Thank you for your interest in publishing with Path Press, Inc. We are a publishing house dedicated to the creation and dissemination of written work of the highest quality.

Path Press was originally organized in 1961 and our goal has been to provide literature that is for, by and about African American and Third World people. We look for the maximum effect of creative expression and cultural enlightenment in all of the written genres, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, young adult, and children’s books.

Path welcomes the opportunity to review all manuscripts. In submitting manuscripts for consideration, please keep the following requirements in mind:

Manuscript Guidelines – General

Manuscripts must be:

  • Typed and double spaced

  • Proofread for typographical errors and grammatical errors

  • Complete, including accurate bibliographical references and/or index if applicable

When sending manuscripts:

  • Send photocopies of original work, artwork, photographs, layout boards, or other manuscript-related materials

  • Keep all originals

Include the following supporting documents:

  • A one page synopsis outlining the subject of the manuscript

  • A resume that includes your experience or qualifications as a writer

  • A preliminary outline of the intended target market for your work, how your work differs from that already existing in that market, and how you plan to assist in marketing your book


  • Submissions will not be returned.

  • Mail your submission to: Acquisitions, Path Press, Inc., Post Office Box 5683, Evanston, IL 60204

  • Once your manuscript has been mailed, please allow anywhere from two to three months for a written response.

Manuscript Guidelines – Fiction

Thank you for your interest in publishing with Path Press. We welcome submissions of quality fiction. In submitting a fiction manuscript for consideration, your proposal should include:

  1. A one page query letter (single spaced)

  2. Contact information

  3. Genre (mainstream, paranormal, historical, thriller, young adult, children’s...)

  4. Working title and length of manuscript (100,000 actual word count maximum)

  5. Status (complete or incomplete)

  6. A resume of the author

  7. A synopsis (8 pages max), double spaced, and written in present tense


  • Manuscripts will not be returned